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Entries with 90% protein sequence similarity cutoff in PDBbind
PDB CodeCheck DatabaseProtein Sequence Similarity
1osvRCSB PDB    PDBbind12aa, >1OSV:E|PDBID|CHAIN|... at 100%
1p93RCSB PDB    PDBbind12aa, >1P93:H|PDBID|CHAIN|... at 100%
2ao6RCSB PDB    PDBbind25aa, >2AO6:B|PDBID|CHAIN|... *
3k22RCSB PDB    PDBbind12aa, >3K22:H|PDBID|CHAIN|... at 100%
3k23RCSB PDB    PDBbind12aa, >3K23:F|PDBID|CHAIN|... at 100%
3l0eRCSB PDB    PDBbind12aa, >3L0E:B|PDBID|CHAIN|... at 100%
4csjRCSB PDB    PDBbind13aa, >4CSJ:B|PDBID|CHAIN|... at 100%
4p6wRCSB PDB    PDBbind12aa, >4P6W:B|PDBID|CHAIN|... at 91%
4p6xRCSB PDB    PDBbind14aa, >4P6X:L|PDBID|CHAIN|... at 100%
5h1eRCSB PDB    PDBbind13aa, >5H1E:C|PDBID|CHAIN|... at 100%
5ickRCSB PDB    PDBbind11aa, >5ICK:D|PDBID|CHAIN|... at 100%
5q17RCSB PDB    PDBbind12aa, >5Q17:B|PDBID|CHAIN|... at 100%
5xplRCSB PDB    PDBbind13aa, >5XPL:C|PDBID|CHAIN|... at 100%
Complexes with the same small molecule ligand
PDB CodeCheck DatabaseLigand Name
1fmoRCSB PDB    PDBbind20-mer
1t5zRCSB PDB    PDBbind20-mer
1xj7RCSB PDB    PDBbind20-mer
1xqhRCSB PDB    PDBbind20-mer
2kwjRCSB PDB    PDBbind20-mer
2kwoRCSB PDB    PDBbind20-mer
2qurRCSB PDB    PDBbind20-mer
2yq7RCSB PDB    PDBbind20-mer
4a1uRCSB PDB    PDBbind20-mer
4ehqRCSB PDB    PDBbind20-mer

Entry Information
PDB ID1t63
Complex TypeProtein-Protein
PDBbind Subsetgeneral set
Protein Nameandrogen receptor
Ligand Name20-mer
EC.Number E.C.-.-.-.-
Resolution 2.07(Å)
Affinity (Kd/Ki/IC50)Kd=15uM
Release Year2005
Protein/NA SequenceCheck fasta file
Primary Reference J.Biol.Chem. v280 pp. 8060-8, 2005

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UniProtKB ACUniProt accession number (AC): P10275  Q15596  
Entrez Gene IDNCBI Entrez Gene ID: 367  10499  
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